About Phasmophobia Helper

Get to know the website a bit better!

Welcome to the Phasmophobia Helper website! My main mission is to make identifying ghost types in the thrilling video game Phasmophobia a breeze for players like you.

But wait, there's more! Phasmophobia Helper offers several handy features and quality of life improvements over the in-game journal!


Why choose this over the in-game journal?

In addition to ghost identification, here are the top reasons to use this website instead of the in-game journal!

  • Offers concise summaries of in-game ghost types and equipment
  • Impossible evidence is marked with a lock icon (e.g., Ghost Writing is impossible when you've checked DOTS and EMF, as no ghost types have that combination)
  • Quick sanity threshold info for each ghost type to help gauge when a ghost might start hunting
  • Ghost minimization for when you're confident a particular ghost isn't the right choice
  • Evidences marked with a dot indicate the evidence is guaranteed on Nightmare difficulty
  • A handy button to reset your hunt to a fresh state for new rounds
  • Speedy Wiki links for extra info

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As the author and guardian of this site's content, I strive to keep things accurate. However, sometimes, especially after updates, the information might not be perfect. If you notice an error, I'd be grateful if you could let me know by submitting a bug report. Your help keeps everything up-to-date and accurate!

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