Evidence selector

As you play through a contract, mark the evidence you find (or rule out) here.

Possible ghosts

All of the possible ghost types you could be encountering, which are filtered based on the evidence you've marked.

Increased speed in colder rooms during hunts. Moves slower in warmer areas during hunts. Occasionally emits frosty breath when hunting with the breaker off. Cannot turn on the fuse box, and is twice as likely to turn it off.

During a hunt, it has a higher speed if a target it can see is far away (2.5m/s). Its ability will deduct nearby players' sanity (25%). Turning off the fuse box will prevent it from using its ability. Cannot turn off the fuse box.

Mare 60%

Hunts at higher sanity thresholds in the dark (60%), and lower sanity thresholds in the light (40%). Turns off lights and breaks lightbulbs more often. Remains in unlit rooms more often.

Fingerprints disappear faster than other ghost types. Does not always leave fingerprints (75%), and can leave unique fingerprints (~17%). It can use its ability to half the lifespan of fingerprints on the map. During hunts, it has a 6.66% chance each time it flickers to shapeshift into a different ghost model for the duration of that flicker, but it is guaranteed to happen at least once per hunt.

Onryo 60%

Chance to hunt when blowing out flames. Presence of flames prevents the ghost from hunting naturally (4m). Blows out flames more often than other ghost types. Every third flame will cause it to attempt to initiate a hunt, which can be blocked by a crucifix or more flames.

Additional sanity drain from players within its line-of-sight during manifestations. Can roam towards random players. Taking a picture of the Phantom renders it temporarily invisible during Ghost Events. While hunting, the ghost will be invisible in photos and will be visible for less time.

Its ability can throw multiple objects at once with great force. Witnessing its ability will drain the player's sanity, depending on the amount of objects thrown. During a hunt, it opens more doors and throws everything it comes across. Ineffective in empty rooms with no objects to throw.

Raiju 65%

Being near active electronics boost its speed during hunts and allow it to hunt at higher sanity thresholds. The distance depends on the map size (6m - 10m). Disrupts electronics from further away when manifesting (15m).

During a hunt, travels very slowly (1m/s) until it has line-of-sight of a player (3m/s). This makes it crucial to hide as soon as possible when a hunt starts. When losing line-of-sight, it will keep its speed until reaching the last known position of the player it saw. The speed of the ghost gradually decreases after losing line-of-sight.

Thaye 75%

Becomes very active and fast (2.75m/s) the first time the player gets nearby. The more time players spend near it, the quieter and slower (1m/s) it becomes, and its hunt sanity threshold decreases.

It is actually one ghost, which behaves differently on a chance. Can hunt from and interact with things in a different place than expected. Can interact with the environment simultaneously.

May randomly shut a door and deduct nearby players' sanity. Will be temporarily confined to its room after Smudging. If a ghost shuts an exit door fully without a manifestation, it is definitively a Yurei.